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CBD for Runners [Ultimate Guide 2020]

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If you are a runner, you are probably familiar with the term “runners high” and know very well that it is a true phenomenon. But, what if we told you that “runner’s high” has the potential to be further enhanced by a little something great called CBD?

CBD, the ever so popular wellness compound, has been gaining praise from everyone to researchers and scientists, to health and wellness gurus for its tremendous amount of health benefits.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-intoxicating compound derived from the cannabis plant. The cannabinoid has opened up a whole new world of natural health   thanks to its therapeutic and medical potential.

Aside from CBDs numerous health benefits, research suggests that CBD is able to boost energy levels and help with stamina. We will cover how runners can benefit from the use of CBD, and how they can utilize CBD to reach peak performance during every run.

And, to clarify, this doesn’t just include Olympic athletes and professional runners. CBD can benefit the everyday runner, or the most occasional jogger. Anyone who enjoys running can greatly benefit from taking CBD for athletic performance and overall wellness.

5 Major Ways CBD Benefits Runners

1. CBD Gives You an Energy Boost

On days where you simply don’t feel like getting up and going for a run, CBD can provide that jolt of energy you need to power through a long run.

CBD is known for waking up the body when it feels tired, which is why many people enjoy stirring it in their morning coffees, smoothies, and even food. The cannabinoid is a natural mood elevator, making it a great supplement for long-lasting motivation, helping you to run faster, longer, and further.

2. CBD Provides Quick Pain Relief

Runners run into (pun intended!) plenty of joint pain and inflammation frequently due to the strain that they put on their body. Runners commonly suffer from pain in their knees, lower back, ankles, and feet due to wear and tear. Traditional ways of calming the pain/inflammation include medication, or or the constant application of ice-packs and balms. Not only are these methods unpractical for on the go use, but they don’t provide sustained relief.

CBD topical creams, on the other hand, are known for providing fast and soothing relief that lasts for much longer periods of time.

Pain relief is yet another common use for the beneficial cannabinoid. Whether that pain is from injuries, headaches, or discomfort, CBD can help. The compound binds to receptors in your body, and sends messages to the brain to relieve pain and inflammation in the affected area.

In fact, CBD can actually prevent joint injury while runners train by reducing pain associated with swelling. The cannabinoid is especially helpful when runners need quick relief from pain during or immediately after a workout.

3. CBD Reduces Muscle Cramps and Spasms

Athletes and other active individuals commonly experience muscle spasms and crams from repeated use of muscle tissue. This is especially the case for runners, as their bodies have become accustomed to the swift, up and down, forward-facing motions of quickly picking one foot up after the other.

Muscle spasms often come out of nowhere, and can last from several seconds up to minutes. In addition to this, it is very common for muscle spasms to reoccur. For this reason, runners should always be prepared, and have some CBD by their side just in case.

Applying topical CBD to the area where the muscle spasm is occurring can provide instant relief for runners. CBD topicals or creams work on virtually any muscle group, including the neck, back, stomach, arms and legs of the athlete.

4. CBD Boosts Your Immune System

A lot of people view CBD as their one-a-day health supplement or multivitamin, and for good reason.

CBD is overloaded with antioxidants and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can keep sickness at bay and boost immune system function. Because the cannabinoid is all natural, it can be a much better alternative to vitamins, where added ingredients are often unknown.

Remember, CBD is just CBD. It is an all-natural, healing cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, and an ideal supplement for daily use.

Because CBD is rich in antioxidants, it helps the body fight infection quickly and effectively, while aiding in good heart and digestive health. In addition to this, CBD has been shown to reduce the onset of neurodegenerative disorders. Runners taking CBD regularly are able to withstand the strain and stress of intense training, while reaching optimal performance levels.

5. CBD Prevents “Game Day” Anxiety

If you have been training and preparing for a big race, odds are you’re going to feel some game-day jitters or nervousness.

CBD is a well-known anti-anxiolytic, and is commonly used to treat symptoms of anxiety. CBD can help ease the stress and anxieties that everyday life puts on our shoulders.

Taking CBD before a high-pressure event has been proven to dramatically reduce people’s anxiety, allowing their nerves to reside naturally so they are better able to focus on the race instead of their nerves.

Taking CBD is an effective way to enjoy faster recovery from particularly intense workouts and training. In addition, CBD protects runners and other athletes (and active people in general) from severe injuries, enables them to relax comfortably after vigorous workouts, and provides them an extra dose of healthy so they can keep calm and run on.


  • CBD can help runners’ performance by boosting stamina and energy
  • CBD is great for recovery, and can help runners treat sore muscle tissue, muscle cramps, and muscle spasms
  • CBD can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and relieve a variety of different pains
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and does not create the “high” associated with the consumption of cannabis

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