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CBD Health & Beauty Coverage in the Media [Ultimate Guide 2020]

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Chef Josh Horrigan, owner of Annabelle’s Garden, breaks down what CBD (cannabidiol) is, why it’s beneficial for your health and beauty, and how it interacts with your body to combat common ailments in this Fox News segment.

Horrigan brings up the world-winning question he knows viewers are dying to hear:

Is CBD legal? Will CBD get me high?

The answers: Yes, CBD is legal. So long as it contains no more than 0.3% THC and is derived from hemp, CBD is legal. And no, CBD will not get you high. There are no psychoactive components involved in the cannabinoid. The cannabinoid that is responsible for getting people high is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, and is commonly found in cannabis.

“CBD is derived from hemp, the same family as econashia and hops. These products are completely safe for people to use.”

What are the Benefits of Having CBD in Health and Beauty Products?

As Horrigan displays his skincare and beauty products, he explains how CBD targets inflammation in your skin, balancing out the skin’s natural oils, preventing clogging of the pores, and “helping the skin maintain its natural balance.”

Home remedy face masks including avocado and spirulina offer multiple nutrients for your skin, while CBD plays the role of fighting redness and irritation of the skin, stating the compound is “antibacterial and antimicrobial,” helping your skin heal itself naturally.

The chef touches a bit on CBD capsules, which are also on display, explaining that people are taking them for the following reasons: “anxiety, pain and inflammation of the joints, it’s used for any form of human ailment.”

“It helps relax those overstimulated parts of your brain. A lot of veterans are using them for PTSD.”

Horrigan also puts the hemp-derivative in smoothies, using water-soluble CBD drink mix.

CBD health and beauty products are readily available at health food stores.


  • CBD targets inflammation in your skin, prevents clogging of the pores, and helps the skin maintain it’s natural balance.
  • CBD skin care and beauty products include face masks, facial scrubs, lotions, oils, and more.
  • The cannabinoid is being added to food and beverages as a tasty way to get daily CBD.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive, and doesn’t produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis.

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