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How Does Daintri Curate its CBD Brands and Products? [Ultimate Guide 2020]

With the roaring popularity of CBD, it can be difficult to know which brands you can trust, and which products are right for you. There are a huge variety of different brands, that sell products at different price points. At times, shopping for CBD can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for.

The emergence of CBD as a popular health and wellness supplement has fueled the creation of many new CBD companies. Some of these companies produce quality CBD products, where others may not. It is always important to be wary of questionable companies that falsify ingredients,  don’t follow industry standards, or don’t include natural CBD. Many of these companies have been identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but new CBD companies have been emerging over the recent years.

Daintri works hard to curate only the best CBD products produced by the industry’s most trusted brands. By identifying brands based on quality ingredients, extraction methods, and production standards, every single brand that Daintri partners with, along with the products they sell, are fully compliant with federal law.

A huge sign of credibility (and relief) for consumers is the fact that all of our products at Daintri meet industrial hemp requirements, and contain under 0.3% THC, the legal limit for THC in CBD products. This is a big deal because many consumers have concerns on whether or not they can travel with their CBD, if they will fail a drug test from taking CBD, and if their CBD product will make them “high.”

The resounding answer to all of those concerns is, “All CBD products sold by Daintri are safe, and legal to purchase and consume.” So, to be transparent, you can travel with CBD, you will not fail a drug test with Daintri’s CBD products, and you will not get high from a Daintri product.

Daintri chooses its brands thoughtfully by putting ethical standards and procedures at the forefront, never compromising product quality.

To give you a little Daintri background and perhaps better explain the retailer itself, the name “Daintri” was inspired by the Daintree Rainforest in Australia, and its abundance of natural and botanical life. We believe in the products we sell and feel confident that our consumers will be happy with the results.

Here are four core guidelines that Daintri adheres by when bringing on a CBD brand or product:

4 Points Every Daintri Product Hits

1. Quality and Source of CBD:

Legal CBD products are produced from industrial hemp plants rather than marijuana. All of Daintri’s products are derived from industrial hemp, and are fully compliant with the law. Every product Daintri sells has gone through rigorous lab testing, and provides complete and accurate ingredient information.

2. Production Methods and Practices

Daintri identifies brands on their extraction methods and production standards. We sell products that undergo proper decarboxylation and Supercritical CO2 extraction, ensuring that the best quality CBD is in our CBD products.

3. Brand Appeal

Daintri ensures that the CBD brands and products adhere to sound business practices and reputations, with a focus on health and wellness. We curate only the best quality CBD from the most reputable CBD brands.

4. Price/mg of CBD:

Here at Daintri, we make sure that every CBD product is fairly priced in comparison to the overall market. In addition to this, we carefully assess and consider the milligram content of CBD in every product.

There is a body of research available publicly that indicates CBD may have beneficial effects regarding these specific conditions and more. As with any health or dietary product, it is strongly advised you consult with a physician before starting a new supplement program.


  • Here at Daintri, we curate only the top quality CBD products that adhere to federal regulations.
  • It is always important to check a brand’s manufacturing and processing methods.
  • Daintri always considers ethical standards and brand image when selecting CBD products.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and will not produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis.

Daintri is an online retailer that curates high quality CBD products that meet stringent levels of superiority and safety. Daintri takes the difficulty out of finding the right CBD product for your needs by curating the best products on the market. Made from pure and potent CBD sourced from premier hemp producers, these products are specially created to deliver the best possible health effects.

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Interview with Doyle’s Oils [Ultimate Guide 2020]

Alex and Ryan Doyle, founders of the CBD company Doyle’s Oils, have been researching and experimenting with everything CBD. From extraction methods, consumer feedback, CBD potency, and more, they are truly fully immersing themselves into the world or CBD.

We spoke with the two who gave us the inside scoop on producing our favorite health supplement, CBD.

Founded in December 2017, the two operate their store online, getting in touch with doctors, veterinarians and other medicinal professionals local in Kentucky, where their products are sourced and sold.

Starting a Good Business By Word of Mouth

Getting into CBD through one of their friends who happens to be geneticist out in Colorado, the duo saw an opportunity to make people more aware of the therapeutic cannabinoid in their hometown of Lexington, KY.

“It seemed like an opportunity to do something that’s helpful for people as well as something that’s good for our location and our state,” Alex told me.

After learning more about the benefits of CBD upon a booming CBD market in Colorado, the two developed a new recipe to bring back to Kentucky. They now make it in their own state of Kentucky, and are proud to refer it as a “Kentucky pride product.”

Both Ryan and Alex saw a personal change after giving CBD a try. It helped increase Alex’s focus, and relieved pain for Ryan. These two quickly realized the power of CBD.

“Kentucky has a great history of being known for cannabis-type products because we have really good soil,” Alex stated. “Hemp used to be really big around here. So having a natural product right here made a lot of sense.”

All active ingredients are locally sourced in Kentucky, with the CBD itself coming from farms all over the state.

Doyle’s Oils works with another company out of a neighboring town, who Alex says “does all of the heavy lifting for Doyle’s Oils.” They use industrial-sourced Kentucky hemp, and operate a CO2 extraction from the flower to create a crystalline isolate. And, when they pick up the final product, the founders receive a certificate of authenticity showing exactly what’s in the CBD oil (99.9 percent CBD, no THC at all, no pesticides and no chemicals).

“We try and keep everything natural,” Ryan commented.

Speaking of being THC free, which all of their products currently are, the two helped me better understand the difference between CBD and THC.

“CBD is a lot like THC as far as how it acts in the body and your cannabinoid receptors,” Ryan said. “It binds to the fat. The higher the fat content, the better it will absorb into your body. Hemp oil is high in both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, so we have found this recipe to be very effective.”

Speaking on oils specifically, in contrast to the plethora of other CBD products like soaps, scrubs, capsules and vapes, they said oil is different because it gets in your system faster.

“It hits you a lot faster, we find it to be pretty effective and it’s healthier for you,” Ryan stated.

CBD Serves Many Different Purposes

Through conducting a lot of research, the two know for certain CBD does have multiple uses.

“We always have everything we produce tested,” Alex said. Using laboratories in Maryland and D.C., every time they produce a batch of products, the guys receive a certificate of authenticity so people know for certain there is no THC and no other additives.

Both founders use CBD for different reasons. Alex uses it mostly for inflammation and focus, and Ryan uses it for pain.

“I’m very type A,” Alex told me. “I’ve always found it difficult to kind of shut up upstairs and focus. CBD allows me a legal way to acquire that avenue. I’ll drop some of it in my coffee in the morning and I’ve found it to calm me down and help me focus more during the day. It evens out the anxiousness.”

Ryan, a manual labor worker all his life, has found the compound to work wonders on whatever muscle or body part he overworks.

“My knees, my shoulders, my back, everything is always hurting from working hard all the time,” Ryan said. “CBD is a really good way to help with that pain and inflammation.

One of their customers’ sons has ADD, who has been taking CBD oil. The mom reports that it has been working greatly, and seems to be better than other things they have tried, such as traditional ADD medication.

“A lot of people think that you just immediately take it and every symptom is gone,” Ryan said. “You have to be somewhat knowledgeable on it and give it time to work its magic. Instead of noticing, ”˜My body feels like jello and this is great,’ you take it, and a little bit later you’re like, ”˜Oh my god, my knee stopped hurting. I can go for a walk.”

Like many people with headaches accustomed to popping an advil when they feel the pounding coming on, many people are replacing the over-the-counter medicine with CBD. Alex says he rubs CBD oil on his temples and the back of his neck when he gets a headache.

“About 20 minutes later, I noticed whatever my issue was – headache or anxiousness – it’s subsided,” he added.

Alex has also experimented with giving CBD to his dogs, which Ryan claims, “that’s when you really see it working – A dog that’s limping a bit, and then he isn’t limping anymore. It’s actually pretty wild.”

Alex has given CBD to his dogs for multiple reasons. He claims that it can take his “absolutely insane” dog down a level. He stated that he gives his other pup CBD for his hip dysplasia, and noticed that it greatly reduced his dogs level of pain.

Ultimately, It’s About Helping People

They are utilizing Doyle’s Oils by approaching doctors and veterinarians in Lexington, asking them to let their patients try the CBD oil out for themselves in lieu of traditional medication.

“We like to tell people – whether they are potential customers or not – to look for companies that offer those test results right up front,” Ryan said of proof of production practices.

Alex mentions they have a heavy hitter doctor as a big client, who says CBD is a great medium for his patients to help with ailments, while remaining as natural treatment.

“He really latched on to the idea because his customers don’t want to use traditional pharmaceutical medicine,” Alex said. “But they still have jobs that require drug tests, so it doesn’t put their job at risk.”


  • Ryan and Alex from Doyle’s Oils both benefit from the use of CBD, and use it consistently for their pain, inflammation, or lack of focus.
  • Doyle’s Oils use only the most trusted manufacturing processes, and create all natural products that contain nearly 0% THC.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and will not produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis.
  • Doyle’s Oils aim to help everybody with the use of CBD’s therapeutic and medical benefits.

Daintri’s focus is on health and wellness. We curate only the best of the best CBD products to help you live your healthiest life. If there are any questions about products, manufacturing processes, or extraction methods, please let us know. We are on a mission to help as many people as possible with the health benefits of CBD.

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Celebrity Advocates of CBD [Ultimate Guide 2020]

Multimedia companies, international retailers, and well-known news sources are all talking about how CBD’s breakthrough in the health industry.

CBD is gaining praise everywhere for its many health benefits and therapeutic potential. CBD is an effective treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, and skin conditions. It is reducing seizures in people who have epilepsy, and it is giving individuals their lives back in the forms of focus, energy, and overall well being.

We thought we would take the time to show you just how valuable CBD is to others by sharing positive comments and reviews from major media companies, celebrities, and other supporters of CBD. CBD is truly a supplement that is making people’s lives much more fulfilling and stress free.

8 Elite Supporters of CBD Treatment

1. Forbes:

Forbes has spoken on CBD’s behalf multiple times over the last year, with headlines including “Can CBD Replace Antidepressants?” and “The Right Way to Introduce CBD to Your Pets.” Journalists of the wildly popular tech and innovation publication have been exploring the cannabis compound’s multifaceted therapeutic effects, conducting interviews with well-known researchers, talking about the probable legalization of hemp as it pertains to the Farm Bill, and sharing success stories of folks who have found relief from their ailments by taking CBD.

2. Entrepeneur

Entrepreneur, the go-to business publication for aspiring and long-time business owners, has gone so far as to provide its wide readership with advice on “How to Start and Market Your CBD Company,” and explaining the market research on “The Billion Dollar Business of CBD.” They have also written hard news articles on things to know before taking CBD, providing the cannabinoid’s common health benefits. They have spoken on multiple accounts, too, on how “The Hemp Business is Booming,” as well as reviewing the big consumer product companies successfully selling CBD products.

3. GQ:

GQ, or Gentleman’s Quarterly, the insanely successful publication covering everything from fashion, style, music, sports, technology, and culture for men, has talked about CBD a handful of times. GQ has discussed specific CBD products, athletes and CBD, and how CBD is their new favorite workplace productivity hack. GQ has also delved into the sports world on the topic of CBD, and discussed with former NBA player Al Harrington, on his mission to building a cannabis empire.

4. GOOP & Gwyneth Paltrow:

If you have been following Gwyneth and her lifestyle brand, GOOP, you probably know that her and her social media following are huge fans of the luxury cannabis market. The famous actress and wildly successful business woman has hosted many luxury wellness events on the East and West coast. Most of the events include speaker panels and products based around CBD and the cannabis industry. While speaking about the future of cannabis at one of the events, Gwyneth stated “I love this subject. It really has the potential to shift old patterns of thought and change lives, and I feel like we really could be on the precipice of something a lot bigger than we realize, scientifically.”

5. Amazon:

Amazon, the massive online retailer taking over the world, through founder Jeff Bezos’s genius creativity and innovation practices, sells thousands of different hemp oil products. They also sell CBD books, CBD patient guides and CBD dog treats and hemp creams. It’s only a matter of time before Amazon welcomes the full line of CBD products.

6. Walmart

The family-friendly shopping marketplace known for that big yellow smiley face and rollback savings signs is now toying with the idea of selling CBD products. The world’s largest retailer already sells hemp seed oil, hemp seed snacks, hemp oil softgels and hemp protein powder. Walmart Canada has done some preliminary fact-finding on the CBD market, with the company’s spokeswoman stating in a recent article that, “We see this as a potential platform” to sell CBD.

7. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is also keeping a sharp eye on the cannabis industry, and is seriously considering the creation of a CBD-infused beverage line. A Coca-Cola spokesman remarked on the possible collaboration that, “We are closely watching the growth on non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world.”

8. The TODAY Show:

The top-rated news channel has had CBD come on as their special guest multiple times in recent months. Interviewing doctors and industry business owners on the health benefits of CBD, Savannah and Hoda have given viewers the scoop on everything from buzzworthy beauty as it relates to CBD, CBD oil as a health trend for health-conscious consumers, and serious cases of children finding relief from their medical conditions after taking CBD.


  • Many people and organizations are becoming advocates of CBD for its medical and therapeutic benefits.
  • CBD has a plethora of health benefits, and can help with anxiety, sleep, appetite, inflammation, mental health, and more.
  • Many food and beverage companies, such as Coca Cola, are beginning to realize the power of CBD.

Daintri’s focus is on health and wellness. We curate only the best of the best CBD products to help you live your healthiest life. Daintri offers a wide variety of CBD products for all types of consumers including CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, vapes, beauty products, pet products and more. If there are any questions about products, manufacturing processes or extraction methods, please let us know. We are on a mission to help as many people as possible.