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Big 3 Sports Leagues and CBD

The BIG3 reported at the end of June that players in the 3-on-the-3 league of former NBA players are now allowed to use CBD for pain management and recovery, making the BIG3 the first U.S. professional sports league to openly allow CBD use.

The BIG3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league which features mostly retired NBA players. It includes some of the world’s most recognizable basketball all-stars, hall of famers, and world champions.

It was founded by infamous rapper and entertainer O’Shea Jackson Sr., better known as Ice Cube, and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz. The second season of the league began a few weeks ago in Houston, and features players like Amare Stoudemire, Baron Davis, and former Denver Nuggets Kenyon Martin and Nate Robinson.

If you aren’t quite sure what CBD is, here is a brief rundown: CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant, and has been helping people of all ages with everything from pain, anxiety, inflammation, gut health, mood improvement, and much more. The compound has been medically proven to diminish pain, limit muscle soreness and tightness, and reduce symptoms of anxiety, making it an ideal supplement for athletes to incorporate into their daily routines.

CBD For the Sports Win

The decision for the BIG3 Sports League to permit CBD use was primarily based around the useful applications that it has for the health of athletes. CBD has proven itself to be effective in treating muscle soreness, joint pain, and can help athletes with recovery.

The powerful cannabinoid is capable of significantly reducing pain, and can help speed up the recovery process, allowing athletes to increase their stamina and enhance their workout routines.

The final say was delivered shortly after CBD was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substances list earlier this year. This is a major step for the future of CBD, as it continues to be recognized as a beneficial compound for both medical and therapeutic purposes.

CBD is not to be confused with THC, the psychoactive component found in marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, and does not produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis. The two compounds both have their own set of laws, so make sure to check the regulations in your state. CBD, however, is legal in the majority of states, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Furthermore, several states (9, plus Washington D.C. to be exact) including Colorado, Washington, California, Alaska, and more have legalized marijuana for recreational use for those above the age of 21.

A Little CBD/Pro Athlete Background

To cope with pain, a lot of athletes have been known to abuse pain-relieving opioids and anti-inflammatory drugs like Toradol for relief. Many athletes in the sports world today believe that CBD is a much better alternative to traditional pain medications and other drugs. CBD is non-addictive, and all natural, so it does not have the nasty side effects that are commonly found in prescription medications.

Both former and current NFL players have called for the legalization of marijuana in their league over the past several years, most likely due to the plant’s therapeutic properties.

But again, CBD is not the same thing as marijuana – it is an essential oil extracted from the cannabis plant and contains less than 0.3 percent THC – the cannabinoid responsible for getting people high.

Recently, former Giants defensive end Leonard Marshall discussed his daily use of CBD. Marshall stated that he uses CBD daily to help cope with his symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, more commonly known as CTE, the degenerative brain disease linked with repeated head trauma. Marshall shared his struggles in 2016 with the Daily News as part of a three-part series on marijuana and sports, stating, “My quality of life has improved because of (CBD).”

This is great news for both the CBD industry and the sports world. Stay tuned to see where the cannabinoid will show up next and whether other major league sports organizations will follow suit.


  • CBD has been getting recognized in the sports industry for its therapeutic and medical benefits.
  • CBD can help athletes with pain, inflammation, soreness, joint pain, and more.
  • The cannabinoid can help athletes with recovery, and can help increase stamina for intense workouts.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis.

Daintri’s focus is on health and wellness. We curate only the best of the best CBD products to help you live your healthiest life. If there are any questions about products, manufacturing processes, or extraction methods, please let us know. We are on a mission to help as many people as possible with the health benefits of CBD.

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CBD Health & Beauty Coverage in the Media

Assortment of cannabis topicals with bath bombs and marijuana salve isolated over white background - cannabis spa concept

Chef Josh Horrigan, owner of Annabelle’s Garden, breaks down what CBD (cannabidiol) is, why it’s beneficial for your health and beauty, and how it interacts with your body to combat common ailments in this Fox News segment.

Horrigan brings up the world-winning question he knows viewers are dying to hear:

Is CBD legal? Will CBD get me high?

The answers: Yes, CBD is legal. So long as it contains no more than 0.3% THC and is derived from hemp, CBD is legal. And no, CBD will not get you high. There are no psychoactive components involved in the cannabinoid. The cannabinoid that is responsible for getting people high is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, and is commonly found in cannabis.

“CBD is derived from hemp, the same family as econashia and hops. These products are completely safe for people to use.”

What are the Benefits of Having CBD in Health and Beauty Products?

As Horrigan displays his skincare and beauty products, he explains how CBD targets inflammation in your skin, balancing out the skin’s natural oils, preventing clogging of the pores, and “helping the skin maintain its natural balance.”

Home remedy face masks including avocado and spirulina offer multiple nutrients for your skin, while CBD plays the role of fighting redness and irritation of the skin, stating the compound is “antibacterial and antimicrobial,” helping your skin heal itself naturally.

The chef touches a bit on CBD capsules, which are also on display, explaining that people are taking them for the following reasons: “anxiety, pain and inflammation of the joints, it’s used for any form of human ailment.”

“It helps relax those overstimulated parts of your brain. A lot of veterans are using them for PTSD.”

Horrigan also puts the hemp-derivative in smoothies, using water-soluble CBD drink mix.

CBD health and beauty products are readily available at health food stores.


  • CBD targets inflammation in your skin, prevents clogging of the pores, and helps the skin maintain it’s natural balance.
  • CBD skin care and beauty products include face masks, facial scrubs, lotions, oils, and more.
  • The cannabinoid is being added to food and beverages as a tasty way to get daily CBD.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive, and doesn’t produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis.

Daintri is one of the leading online suppliers of CBD skin products including moisturizers, cleansers, anti-aging creams, skin serums and more. We offer an extensive range of curated CBD products that have passed strict quality and safety tests. These products are made with the finest ingredients to deliver optimal results. If there are any questions about products, manufacturing processes or extraction methods, please let us know.

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CBD Spa Treatments

Your Next Spa Treatment Could (And Should) Include CBD.

CBD spa treatments are quickly becoming the hot new trend in the health and beauty industry.

As you may have heard, CBD, or cannabidiol, is the wellness cannabinoid that people can not get enough of. From reducing pain and anxiety, to taming inflammation to treating skin conditions, it’s no wonder why everyone is trying to get their hands on CBD products.

We spoke with Heather Robison, Nature’s Root Spa Networking Specialist in Denver, CO; on what CBD spa treatments consist of, why spa guests are loving CBD-infused skin products and massages, and the future of CBD and spa treatments.

How Does CBD Enhance a Spa Experience?

CBD is being used in special treatments at spas across the country. CBD is typically incorporated in spa treatments through the administration of CBD oil. This oil is usually applied to the skin during a massage, and has been shown to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and de-stress on a deeper level than a traditional massage or other spa treatment.

CBD is a potent natural pain reliever and gets deep into your muscle tissues to ease tight spots and knots. Not only does this add to the relaxation, but it helps the therapist in making the spa experience more enjoyable.

Not only does CBD help with relaxation, but scientific evidence also supports the idea that CBD is beneficial for the skin. As an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, CBD enhances the total relaxation and stress relief experience already present in a traditional massage.

CBD massages are often regarded as an ultra-luxe treatment, but aren’t solely for the luxury type. These treatments can vary in price depending on the duration, CBD used, and other factors. If someone is in serious pain, a CBD massage may drastically improve their quality of life, especially if treated regularly.

In addition to CBD massages, CBD skin care, soaps, lotions, and bath bombs are all amazing ways to take your pampering to the next level.

All in all, CBD enhances your spa experience, allowing you to feel better and more relaxed during and longer after your CBD spa experience.

What is a CBD Massage?

A CBD massage is a therapeutic massage involving the use of high-quality CBD infused oil. CBD has been linked with pain relief, lasting feelings of relaxation, and amazing anti-inflammatory benefits that both your body and your mind will thank you for.

While everyone can benefit from CBD herbal massages, they are particularly helpful for those suffering from daily body aches and pains as well as chronic inflammation. Conditions like stress, fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle pain and tension, anxiety, and insomnia are all valid reasons to seek a CBD massage.

A traditional massage does not provide the same amount of pain relief that a CBD massage does. A CBD massage coaxes muscles and ligaments into a deeper state of relaxation, allowing the therapist to better manipulate tissue in the back and other parts of the body. Once the massage is over, the relaxing feeling from the CBD oil and massage is sure to linger for the rest of the day.

CBD Spa Success

Nature’s Root, a hemp/CBD-based company in Colorado, created the first ever hemp spa network, attracting people to natural products that contain CBD.

The company creates hemp-based therapeutic and beauty products consciously crafted for both the consumer and the planet.

Heather stated that “Pain is a huge reason people come to us, and CBD is a natural pain-reliever, so people are really seeing a difference when they use it, especially those with chronic pain and back pain. CBD tincture works as preventative medicine also.”

Heather shared a story about a client who had a large tumor on his stomach, where throughout various visits he received a combination of topical and ingestible CBD. After multiple treatments incorporating CBD, the tumor had subceeded and disappeared completely. This was the first time in 10 years the owner had witnessed a tumor dying from a topical treatment.

Among popular reasons for guests wanting to try CBD products, Heather says tension from stress and headaches are big reasons why people seek CBD spa treatments.

“You have the medical side and the cosmetic side,” she stated. “CBD is good for inflammation, which is an aiding agent to disease, and your face reflects that. Your skin is the body’s largest organ! So yes, CBD relieves pain, but it’s also good for your skin.”

Heather’s personal opinion on CBD? She can’t get enough of the good stuff.

Heather shared her own story with us as well, and stated that her use for CBD began due to migraines. Through her own personal three-month trial, she began taking two tablets of CBD daily. She later reported that her painful migraines have gone away completely.

She prefers to use a topical CBD product on her temples when she feels a headache coming on, and claims that it has provided her with “instant relief.”

“People need to realize that drinking alcohol and eating certain foods, especially those containing sugar, causes inflammation to the skin, she said. “You have to work on the body inside out, and CBD is an excellent supplement for that.”

“For us, CBD has become a delivered, valued service that is really helping people with pain and inflammation. Depending on how people respond to the product, we are seeing CBD taking away pain and tension in an instant.”

Also taking CBD for her skin, Heather also insisted that CBD has been working wonders on her skin, and has helped take away unwanted wrinkles and cellulite.

“I don’t have wrinkles anymore,” she told me. “I combine a hemp coffee scrub with hemp lotion, and the difference I have seen is incredible. CBD is shown to reverse a lot of things. My skin hasn’t looked this good in years.”

With 46 out of the 50 states, and the World Health Organization on board with CBD going mainstream, spa-goers across the nation are rejoicing.

Don’t have a CBD spa (or place that offers CBD massages) near you? Get yourself your very own CBD massage lotion, oil, or topical cream, and have a loved one treat you to that next-level massage you deserve.

So, the next time your body is aching for some TLC, reach for your CBD.


  • CBD is becoming popular in spa treatments due to its powerful therapeutic benefits.
  • More spas are starting to incorporate CBD into their spa treatments.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce the “high” associated with cannabis.
  • CBD spa treatments can help relieve stress, improve skin, and much more.

Daintri’s focus is on health and wellness. We curate only the best of the best CBD products to help you live your healthiest life. Daintri offers a wide variety of CBD products for all types of consumers including CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, vapes, beauty products, pet products and more. If there are any questions about products, manufacturing processes or extraction methods, please let us know. We are on a mission to help as many people as possible.

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Interview with Doyle’s Oils

Alex and Ryan Doyle, founders of the CBD company Doyle’s Oils, have been researching and experimenting with everything CBD. From extraction methods, consumer feedback, CBD potency, and more, they are truly fully immersing themselves into the world or CBD.

We spoke with the two who gave us the inside scoop on producing our favorite health supplement, CBD.

Founded in December 2017, the two operate their store online, getting in touch with doctors, veterinarians and other medicinal professionals local in Kentucky, where their products are sourced and sold.

Starting a Good Business By Word of Mouth

Getting into CBD through one of their friends who happens to be geneticist out in Colorado, the duo saw an opportunity to make people more aware of the therapeutic cannabinoid in their hometown of Lexington, KY.

“It seemed like an opportunity to do something that’s helpful for people as well as something that’s good for our location and our state,” Alex told me.

After learning more about the benefits of CBD upon a booming CBD market in Colorado, the two developed a new recipe to bring back to Kentucky. They now make it in their own state of Kentucky, and are proud to refer it as a “Kentucky pride product.”

Both Ryan and Alex saw a personal change after giving CBD a try. It helped increase Alex’s focus, and relieved pain for Ryan. These two quickly realized the power of CBD.

“Kentucky has a great history of being known for cannabis-type products because we have really good soil,” Alex stated. “Hemp used to be really big around here. So having a natural product right here made a lot of sense.”

All active ingredients are locally sourced in Kentucky, with the CBD itself coming from farms all over the state.

Doyle’s Oils works with another company out of a neighboring town, who Alex says “does all of the heavy lifting for Doyle’s Oils.” They use industrial-sourced Kentucky hemp, and operate a CO2 extraction from the flower to create a crystalline isolate. And, when they pick up the final product, the founders receive a certificate of authenticity showing exactly what’s in the CBD oil (99.9 percent CBD, no THC at all, no pesticides and no chemicals).

“We try and keep everything natural,” Ryan commented.

Speaking of being THC free, which all of their products currently are, the two helped me better understand the difference between CBD and THC.

“CBD is a lot like THC as far as how it acts in the body and your cannabinoid receptors,” Ryan said. “It binds to the fat. The higher the fat content, the better it will absorb into your body. Hemp oil is high in both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, so we have found this recipe to be very effective.”

Speaking on oils specifically, in contrast to the plethora of other CBD products like soaps, scrubs, capsules and vapes, they said oil is different because it gets in your system faster.

“It hits you a lot faster, we find it to be pretty effective and it’s healthier for you,” Ryan stated.

CBD Serves Many Different Purposes

Through conducting a lot of research, the two know for certain CBD does have multiple uses.

“We always have everything we produce tested,” Alex said. Using laboratories in Maryland and D.C., every time they produce a batch of products, the guys receive a certificate of authenticity so people know for certain there is no THC and no other additives.

Both founders use CBD for different reasons. Alex uses it mostly for inflammation and focus, and Ryan uses it for pain.

“I’m very type A,” Alex told me. “I’ve always found it difficult to kind of shut up upstairs and focus. CBD allows me a legal way to acquire that avenue. I’ll drop some of it in my coffee in the morning and I’ve found it to calm me down and help me focus more during the day. It evens out the anxiousness.”

Ryan, a manual labor worker all his life, has found the compound to work wonders on whatever muscle or body part he overworks.

“My knees, my shoulders, my back, everything is always hurting from working hard all the time,” Ryan said. “CBD is a really good way to help with that pain and inflammation.

One of their customers’ sons has ADD, who has been taking CBD oil. The mom reports that it has been working greatly, and seems to be better than other things they have tried, such as traditional ADD medication.

“A lot of people think that you just immediately take it and every symptom is gone,” Ryan said. “You have to be somewhat knowledgeable on it and give it time to work its magic. Instead of noticing, ”˜My body feels like jello and this is great,’ you take it, and a little bit later you’re like, ”˜Oh my god, my knee stopped hurting. I can go for a walk.”

Like many people with headaches accustomed to popping an advil when they feel the pounding coming on, many people are replacing the over-the-counter medicine with CBD. Alex says he rubs CBD oil on his temples and the back of his neck when he gets a headache.

“About 20 minutes later, I noticed whatever my issue was – headache or anxiousness – it’s subsided,” he added.

Alex has also experimented with giving CBD to his dogs, which Ryan claims, “that’s when you really see it working – A dog that’s limping a bit, and then he isn’t limping anymore. It’s actually pretty wild.”

Alex has given CBD to his dogs for multiple reasons. He claims that it can take his “absolutely insane” dog down a level. He stated that he gives his other pup CBD for his hip dysplasia, and noticed that it greatly reduced his dogs level of pain.

Ultimately, It’s About Helping People

They are utilizing Doyle’s Oils by approaching doctors and veterinarians in Lexington, asking them to let their patients try the CBD oil out for themselves in lieu of traditional medication.

“We like to tell people – whether they are potential customers or not – to look for companies that offer those test results right up front,” Ryan said of proof of production practices.

Alex mentions they have a heavy hitter doctor as a big client, who says CBD is a great medium for his patients to help with ailments, while remaining as natural treatment.

“He really latched on to the idea because his customers don’t want to use traditional pharmaceutical medicine,” Alex said. “But they still have jobs that require drug tests, so it doesn’t put their job at risk.”


  • Ryan and Alex from Doyle’s Oils both benefit from the use of CBD, and use it consistently for their pain, inflammation, or lack of focus.
  • Doyle’s Oils use only the most trusted manufacturing processes, and create all natural products that contain nearly 0% THC.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and will not produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis.
  • Doyle’s Oils aim to help everybody with the use of CBD’s therapeutic and medical benefits.

Daintri’s focus is on health and wellness. We curate only the best of the best CBD products to help you live your healthiest life. If there are any questions about products, manufacturing processes, or extraction methods, please let us know. We are on a mission to help as many people as possible with the health benefits of CBD.